Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Reason For This Blog

Why am I starting this blog?  The answer is simple.  I love college football and, specifically, I love Boston College football.  My passion for these two topics have spurred me to write this blog.

Six years ago I could hardly tell you a thing about college football or even Boston College football.  I was vaguely aware that USC had a great football team and that Texas and Oklahoma did too.  Michigan was pretty good and Notre Dame had had some guy named Rudy play for them and he was so good he had a movie made about him.  That was the extent of my knowledge about college football in my senior year of high school in 2005.

When I set foot on the Boston College campus a few months later in September 2005, things began to change.  I swear the moment I walked through the door of my dorm, a deep hatred of any and everything Notre Dame was ingrained in me (Rudy was so clearly offsides) and my appreciation for college football began to emerge.  One of the first games of my student life at Boston College was an 8PM home game against Florida State on ESPN.  Since it was Boston College's inaugural game into the ACC, College GameDay set up in the Dustbowl and I watched Lee Corso put on the Seminole headdress.  With this, my attitude to BC football, and college football began to change.

Admittedly, the passion for college football that I have now did not begin until the summer before my junior year at BC which, conveniently for me, was the summer before Matt Ryan's senior year.  Would I have become as crazy about college football as I am now were it not for that amazing season?  Who knows, but the fact of the matter is Matt Ryan led us to a #2 ranking and the ACC Championship Game that year and I was hooked.

By the time the 2007 college football season ended I was borderline obsessed with college football.  Let alone everything I could tell you about Gerard Phelan, Charlie O'Rourke, and O- Line U, I could wax poetic about Chief Osceola, Rocky Top, the Horseshoe, the Backyard Brawl, Boomer Sooner and Big Al.  My number one love will always be the Eagles, but there's a reason Saturday is my favorite day of the week and fall my favorite time of the year and it's because of, as Bill King calls it, "God's Sport"... college football.

My aim with this blog is to start out small, touching on topics pertaining to Boston College football, a topic which currently will be able to keep me very busy.  But my ultimate goal is to at some point parlay this into a blog about all aspects of college football.  I look forward to embarking on this adventure and see where it goes.

I hope you enjoy your Saturday on Shea.

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