Friday, November 11, 2011

NC State

Tomorrow's game against the Wolfpack is our most viable chance for getting a third win this season.  Lose tomorrow and you can put money on a 2-10 season.  I am not sure what I expect out of tomorrow's game.  Many people paint this as Spaz and Gene's Super Bowl.  Both want to desperately beat Tom O'Brien and so I think look forward to this game all season.  Spaz has also had a long week to prepare to take on his former boss and could have schemed well enough to put up another W.  NC State is probably #3 on the "Worst Teams in the ACC" list along with ourselves and Maryland, so we have a good shot at winning this game.

Five Keys to Beating NC State:

1. Find a Quarterback- The use of Josh Bordner against FSU kind of threw everyone for a loop last week, it certainly was not something I expected but seemed to work.  Chase Rettig is listed as the starter for this week and so I expect using Bordner last week was to give Chase a minute to get his head on straight.  Whatever the outcome, whether we use Chase or use Bordner I hope to see that we use them consistently.  Don't flip flop the way we did last week, Bordner and Chase are not Jarret Lee and Jordan Jefferson or Taylor and Glennon, our offense will do better with a consistent quarterback. Find a QB that works and stick with him.

2. Air It Out-  Thought limited last week, our run game has remained strong and consistent over the last few weeks, especially against Maryland and Clemson.  Running remains our strong suit so I expect NC State to defend primarily against the run.  Chase's passes last week were a little better, giving him the chance to throw it deep to Larmond, Amidon, and Swigert can hopefully give us an edge.  So far this season NC State allows 7.2 yards per pass against conference opponents.  WIth a defense looking to stop the run, passing could be our go to.

3. Make NC State Run- NC State doesn't have the most prolific passing attack (it ranks 61st in the nation), but Mike Glennon can make plays and NC State has made a season out of short passes.  The Wolfpack's rushing offense, however, ranks 106th in the nation.  Shutting down Mike Glennon and forcing NC State to win the game on the ground will play to our defensive strengths.

4. Energize the crowd- Like I said in my post about the Florida State game, there is no energy in the stands anymore.  The students are completely out of it.  Furthermore, there are no students left at BC who were there when Tom O'Brien was still coach, so the added incentive to beat NC State isn't there anymore either.  A quick score early on could get the crowd back into it.  The only win at home this season has been against UMass.  If BC has a chance and brings it against NC State, the crowd could get back into it just once more.

5. The Seniors- This is their last game at the Heights.  If for no other reason, I hope they and the team are extra motivated to go out for the last home game and the last game for the seniors.

There isn't much hope left in this season.  We are ensured to have our first losing season since 1998.  Our two remaining games are against Notre Dame and Miami.  NC State is the last winnable game that I see left on the schedule.  I hope that Spaz has taken advantage of the long week and is prepped and ready to take on his old boss; it may also be the last time Spaz and Tom O'Brien are on the field together.  It will be interesting to see what tone is set going into the Notre Dame game.  I think that NC State and Notre Dame are the two biggest games on our schedule for Gene and Spaz.  A win here, and looking good doing it, could propel us into Notre Dame.  If for no other reason, though, I hope that Spaz is ready for this game for the seniors.

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