Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dave Brock In?

By the end of the day Wednesday, the rumors that Dave Brock was out as the offensive coordinator were proven false... to an extent.  As it turned out, the position of Boston College offensive coordinator was offered to Virginia running backs coach Mike Faragalli.  And Faragalli turned it down.  This is good, in that it should keep Brock as the offensive coordinator, allowing for consistency and further player development under one system.  But at the same time, this is not a good sign.

To state again, Mike Faragalli was offered the offensive coordinator position and turned it down in favor of remaining the running backs coach at Virginia.  Now, I know that Faragalli and UVa head coach Mike London have worked together for a long time and perhaps that influenced his decision, but Faragalli decided that being running backs coach at Virginia was a better opportunity and a better job than being the offensive coordinator at Boston College.

There are only 120 total offensive coordinator positions available in all of Division 1 football.  That number shrinks dramatically when you consider AQ conferences only.  Furthermore, only a handful of those jobs become available each year.  Being the offensive coordinator at a major Division 1 school is a great opportunity and can be, and often is, used as the jumping off point for a job as a head coach.  Faragalli was given that opportunity and turned it down, which for Boston College fans should be taken as a bad sign.  This means that the job as BC OC is not a desirable one.  There is much uncertainty right now that surrounds that position, not just because the staff could very well be gone in a year, but also because of what type of team a new OC could inherit.  I do believe that defections are coming, and Faragalli's decision to turndown the job suggests the same.

This event also speaks volumes to the current perception of BC in the college football world.  Many in the blogosphere have said that Gene's meddling in the football program, his reputation as "Coach Flip," would turn off many potential coaching candidates who would not want to be micromanaged.  This is an example of that.  With the sudden removal of Jags, as much the result of a power trip as anything else, as well as the departure of Tranquill, then Rogers, and now nearly Brock, BC seems like a revolving door where one misstep could land a coach on the curb.  Other coaches see this and realize that BC is not a good place to be working right now.  Gene has so mismanaged the football program that, what should be a very desirable place to coach, is now almost toxic.  Faragalli's decision to turn down the offensive coordinator position should evidence this.  Boston College is a place coaches should want to come coach at, instead it is beginning to be viewed as a place to avoid.

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