Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dave Brock Out?

Rumors have popped up today on a few of the message boards that Dave Brock, who took over duties as offensive coordinator when Kevin Rogers left for "medical reasons" after the UCF game, may no longer serve as the offensive coordinator.  A rumor popped up today that Mike Faragalli, current running backs coach at the University of Virginia will be taking over as offensive coordinator for the 2012 season.

Again, these are only rumors that have been circulating on a few of the message boards today.  True or not, it concerns me that this is even a rumor.  If true, Faragalli will represent the third fourth offensive coordinator for BC in as many years.  This is not good.  Each offensive coordinator brings with them a different style and different type of play that they need to teach to the players they coach.  This prevents the players from getting into a groove and getting comfortable with the offense that they are being taught; they have to unlearn one system and relearn a whole new type of play.

Furthermore, this possible change represents more meddling from the athletic department.  Dave Brock did an okay job as offensive coordinator when he took over after the Central Florida game.  He structured the play calling to the strengths of the offense and put the players in as much a position to succeed as he could. To this blogger, there seems to be no good reason to remove him from this position.  Brock did an okay job this season and with an entire off season to teach his system to the offense, the team could have met with great success next year.  However, this does not seem to be the case and instead of stability and continuity the team will once again face a coaching change for the third time in a year.

If this rumor does pan out and Brock is out as the offensive coordinator, I hope that he at least stays on the staff.  Brock recruited important players on this team, including Chase Rettig and Christian Suntrup.  If Brock stayed on, I would like to see him as the quarterbacks coach, giving him an opportunity to fine tune the quarterbacks he recruited.

Only time will tell.

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