Friday, January 6, 2012

Luke Kuechly to enter the NFL Draft

Reports indicate that Luke Kuechly will forego his senior season and enter the NFL Draft early.  All this week, pundits were saying that the decision was a particularly difficult one.  It seemed that professionals were saying that his draft stock would never be hire, but at the same time it seemed that Luke felt that he had unfinished business left at BC.

As a fan, I am sorry to see him go.  Luke was a great football player, easily one of the best defensive players to ever set foot at Boston College and a BC Guy in the truest sense of the term.  However, I certainly cannot blame him for wanting to leave early for the NFL.  I think I speak for BC fans everywhere when I say good luck Luke, we are all excited to see you play on Sundays and look forward to seeing your long and illustrious career in the NFL.

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