Saturday, June 9, 2012

Where Were We...?

As many of you know this blog went on a hiatus back in January.  In the interest of full disclosure, and as a segue into the return of Saturday's on Shea to the BC blog community, here's why:

In January I entered Marine Corps Officer Candidate School (now any of you who read this blog and Eagle Outsider can probably figure out my handle over there...).  My access to internet was, well, limited as I was only allowed to leave base for about 36 hours each weekend for ten weeks.  In March, I am proud to say, I graduated as a Second Lieutenant and returned home for two months with the full intention to get SoS back up and running.  We know how that went.  Now, I am back in Quantico, VA to begin The Basic School, essentially the finishing school for Marine officers.

By all accounts The Basic School will be a challenge.  Many say it is the equivalent of two college years packed into six months.  Unfortunately that means that, more often than not, this blog will have to take a back seat to my training here.  However, I plan on getting this blog back to where we were before I left for OCS last January.

My time here at The Basic School will take me through summer practice and the entire college football season.  Right now it looks like I will only make it to two BC games total in the fall (but lets be honest, I may have picked the best year to be here the way things are looking for BC).  I hope to make it to more, but most of all I hope to bring Saturday's on Shea back into the realm of the BC blogging community.  Starting today.  I can't say for sure how often I will be able to post, but I can say that Saturday's On Shea will be here to give my perspective on all things Boston College football.

Go Eagles.  

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